Play sound whenever a faction captures/resecures a base

Schrödinger's Cat 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 6
Short and simple. When we're playing the game we don't focus on the world map constantly, so we can't really keep track all of the changes on the map. Playing a sound should let users know right away without distracting the game too much.
Under review
A couple months ago I messed around with implementing this. Also there are some text-to-speech options that I've messed with. So you would hear a voice say "Vanu Sovereignty has captured The Crown". What do you think?
I had just a simple alert sound in mind but that's even better than what I imagined!
The only issue I see with it is the weird pronunciation of bases. For example, I've heard people pronounce Mekala as "Mekaala" (I use this) or something like "Michaela"; OS X's speech program says it "Mechla".
One solution for that kind of issue that I have already experimented with is simply changing the spelling of things in order for text-to-speech synthesizers to pronounce words like you think they should. For example, make the TTS engine say "New Conglomerut" instead of "New Conglomerate". It is different with each TTS engine and I would need to experiment with each phrase to make sure they sound correct.
Fiddling with the OS X TTS engine yields:
Andvari - And Vah-ri
Palos - Paylos (unless I'm saying it wrong)
Eisa - I-sah
Ymir - Ymeer
Onatha - O-natha
Mekala - Meh-kala
Wokuk - Woe-kuk
Ixtab - Ick-stab
Hvar - Hhvar
Dahaka - the-hahka
VS - V S. Otherwise it reads Versus.

Genudine - Genu-deen or Genudyne?
Acan - Ay-can or Akan?

Ikanam. The short I sound will not come out right at all, and when it does the A's become long A's.

All other bases seem to pose no problem running through the TTS engine, including Mattherson and Waterson.
You could also base it off Twitch commentary from ServerSmash videos and such. The problem bases are usually the big bases (biolab, etc.) after all.