Embedded maps are not working in iframes.

Peter Wickersham 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 10
Just getting 500 errors back from the server calls. I am interested in PS4 particularly, but it seems to be all servers
Under review
Hey thanks for pointing this out. I will get this fixed tonight!
Super awesome! I appreciate you guys being so quick to respond and for supporting the PS4 launch. I know that many of hte PC crowd have become disillusioned with PS2. I can see how that has happened, which sucks since this game has so much potential.. Regardless, I am looking forward to having map support... I may have other questions , but i will wait until the maps are integrated to see if i need to ask them..

Was just testing the maps on our outfit website, thought I was doing something wrong but looks like it was a reported bug :)
Yeah I think I found the bug last night. Need to test tonight and push it live hopefully tonight.
Woo hoo!! looking forward to it..... next week, programmable ui markers, right? ;-) lol
Jake, Should the embedded maps be updated with every page refresh like on the operations page on your website? At the moment they don't seem to be displaying the same territory control as your maps http://formido.net/Page/Maps
Interesting. I will look into this tonight and get it fixed. Looks like its pulling data for the wrong server, but I'm not sure which one or why. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Also, the maps should update in realtime. No page refresh should be necessary.