Map update frequency

Mame A 5 years ago • updated by Jake Wilson (Lead Developer) 5 years ago 3
The map was very outdated.  I refreshed an all, was enough change that it looked like it wasn't updated in a good 10 minutes minimum.

Would be awesome if you would update more frequently as well as showing if they are getting attacked/captured or what not.

Do the above, then I will be using this every time I play the game :)  Till then, not being updated is very useless as a tool to ever be used by myself anyways.

Adding a notification/beep when one of your territories are being captured would make this tool worth paying for even!  Squad leaders could sit back and fight, if some ghost cappers come out, you would then be able to hear a beep and check the map to see what is being taken and might need your attention.
Under review
The site currently checks with SOE every 60 seconds to see if the map has changed or not and updates accordingly.  SOE has recently introduced a method that allows for constant updates in almost realtime.  I'm going to be implementing that soon, along with a bunch of other big additions.

I have considered your idea to have a notification when bases are captured and am already planning on including that someday.  Unfortunately there is no way to determine when a base "begins" to be captured.  Only when it HAS been captured.  And there is no way to determine where the fights are or what the faction populations are for any given territory.
Maps now update automatically in real time matching what you see in-game.