Get a map for the ps4 version

Awesome101 4 years ago • updated by Peter Wickersham 4 years ago 6
Like this day, the map is only PC. Ps4 players would like to see their map too!!!!!!!
Any update on a possible ps4 version?
Yes, just finished this last night but I have not pushed it live yet. I noticed that Daybreak Game's API stream for the PS4 servers didn't seem to be working so I'm in communication with them at the moment to see what the problem is. Hopefully I will push this change tonight so that all the PS4 players can use the site :-)
The PS4 servers for both US and EU regions are now live on http://ps2maps.com
Jake, awesome! I have always loved your maps and having them for the PS4 servers is very exciting. However, i am trying to embed them in our outfit operations dashboard and they are giving 500 errors. I have tried within an iframe, standalone and curled with the same results .