Ok you wanted feedback, here it is

st0mpy 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 2

You put a feedback tab, I hope you dont hate me, this is my feedback.

First off, on the individual maps the zoom is way too harsh!! One single notch of my scrollwheel goes from max zoom out to much too zoomed in, I can do the whole range in 3 notches. Even the on screen zoom button to click jumps from max out to max in in 4. This makes it impossible to control and centre how I want, to the point of not being useful for leading (and im talking about this on a 24" 1920x1200 second screen, not some small old 17" or something). Its either way too zoomed out or way too zoomed in. I want to exactly fill my screen so the borders of the map are *just over each edge and with massive zoom steps I cant even trick it into aligning where I want it to be. It needs way more than 3-4 scroll steps or its near to unusable as a command tool, ill either miss action being zoomed in or miss action being zoomed out and if I cant take the info I need in a glance, having to mess about with zoom levels each time then I might as well use "M".

Second, the arrangement on the page of the map vs. data is unhelpful. Even on a big screen having more than 3 lines at the bottom starts to obscure the rest of what map I can see. Since most screens are wider in length these days and the maps are pretty squarish, anything put at the bottom steals area from the map itself, yet the whole side of the screen is virgin! Untouched! Why is the data feed not down the side, like a twitch chat, that way we could see 50-100 events and still zoom the map to fit fully top and bottom screen. Usability ++!!

Lastly, more of a request but from a small problem, Ive used Enemy Heat on my main map for so long the three-colour map is horrible looking. Any chance you can make a skin with the grim dull Enemy Heat colours and stick it in settings for us old jaded vets please? xD

That is my feedback, I hope you liked it :) Thanks for the support, and the service!! Even without being able to use individual maps its been super useful having the 4 servers I have accounts on open tabs so I can click through and see which one has Indar locked, but now ive used that I can see these other things when trying to use the rest of the site.



All good feedback. Thanks!

  • Adding more zoom levels is planned. The version mapping library I'm using (LeafletJS) doesn't have the ability to create extra zoom levels in-between but the latest version which is 1.0 alpha or beta does have this feature. So once that version is complete I will integrate that into the site and add in the extra zoom levels. I will play around with what feels comfortable but I will probably at least double the number of zoom levels.
  • Good call on this. That is definitely something I can do. It makes much more sense, especially since all monitors are pretty much widescreen these days. I've also considered optionally pulling this data feed out into it's own separate browser window.
  • You are able to change the colors for the 3 factions in the settings page. Are you not able to set the colors how you want in there? You should be able to pick at RGB color for each faction. Can you go into more detail on this?

Thanks again for the feedback. It's always appreciated.

thanks for the post! 1. well anything to help the zoom is essential imo, youve put a lot of work in here, this is kinda core functionality yeah? 3. its more of a design thing, its no big deal, heatmaps are second icon down on the map, i keep mine on enemy all the time, much easier to find a fight.

One more thing, I notice you had a history question three years ago and im about to ask the same thing, but in the modern day game with continent locking I would really like to see data on when the last time continent X was open, how long for, who captured it last etc, stuff you already process rather than any kind of additional snapshot. Most importantly is how long open, how long closed. That would give data for discussion material on maps on forums etc too.

Im still using ps2maps to see which continent I want to join on my 4 servers with accounts, Ive saved them now so I can just click open all in tabs, look at whats locked where. Its probably not how its intended to be used but its working for me, and some extended data there would help that choice too.

I hope you find time to upgrade if not thanks for the service as is!!