Indar Checker

st0mpy 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 0

Im now using 4 browser frames here to see which accounts has Indar locked up so I can play other maps. Would be nice to have a persistent tray utility to tell us what continents have indar locked at that moment. Functions would be, a popup the moment one locks (so we can log in), the tooltip/mouse hover would shortlist which servers are playable (have indar locked at that moment), and the click on list expanded to give a full iconised listing of which servers have what maps locked (just like multiples of your top bar on each of the map pages).

Pls, thank you and go for it :) Indarside is here to stay. I considered fleshing a python tray app up but its finding time to replace something I already get from 4 frames and you guys could probably rustle something up faster based off your current api and image bank were you to think this a good idea (or implement it another way).

Thanks again!!