Added this feature quite a while ago.

Instructions here:

Thanks Jake - thanks for coming back with that -

Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree - I'll try and explain further:-

What I meant is just an embed that 'always' defaults to the Live continent (as there is only ever one on Briggs, I'm not sure if this even makes sense for other servers, thinking about it).

That way instead of having 4 embeds for all continents, I would just use an /embed/briggs....url or something similar, and the current live continent would always show in that frame.



Under review

What do you mean the "Live Continent"? Do you mean the one that is currently unlocked? What if there is more than 1 continent unlocked?

Yes (hence my comment about it probably not working for other servers ;-)

We only have the 1 Continent on Briggs - I wasn't thinking about the bigger picture with other Servers ;-)

Thanks anyway Jake!

Briggs only has 1 active continent at a time? There are never 2? Why is this different than other servers?

Population I think.

Doesn't matter though - it wouldn't work for other servers I guess.