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Honestly the site hasn't been in active development for some time. I am just not playing the game at all any more and haven't taken the time to update it. The reason certain continent territories are messed up is because of minor changes that Daybreak made to data available via their Census API. Since I wasn't playing the game I never took the time to update it.

Briggs only has 1 active continent at a time? There are never 2? Why is this different than other servers?

What do you mean the "Live Continent"? Do you mean the one that is currently unlocked? What if there is more than 1 continent unlocked?

Unfortunately Daybreak's Census API does not allow for this. I asked them about this over 2 years ago and several times since then but they are not going to add this.

Well no one is buying anything from the site or putting in credit card info or anything like that. So probably not going to implement this anytime soon.


Thanks, all fixed now, password changed, etc. I have no idea how that slipped through the cracks. Poor environment configuration handling on my end. At least the db was only accessible locally anyways. Unfortunately the site is not actively maintained or updated these days, due to the decrease in popularity in the game.

All good feedback. Thanks!

  • Adding more zoom levels is planned. The version mapping library I'm using (LeafletJS) doesn't have the ability to create extra zoom levels in-between but the latest version which is 1.0 alpha or beta does have this feature. So once that version is complete I will integrate that into the site and add in the extra zoom levels. I will play around with what feels comfortable but I will probably at least double the number of zoom levels.
  • Good call on this. That is definitely something I can do. It makes much more sense, especially since all monitors are pretty much widescreen these days. I've also considered optionally pulling this data feed out into it's own separate browser window.
  • You are able to change the colors for the 3 factions in the settings page. Are you not able to set the colors how you want in there? You should be able to pick at RGB color for each faction. Can you go into more detail on this?

Thanks again for the feedback. It's always appreciated.

That is odd. I will watch out for this. The Census API has been rather weird off-and-on lately so it could be that or it could be something else. Thanks,